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                                       Criteria for a Healthy Living Home        


Healthy Living Homes Property Features:  Patent Pending

Smoke Free Home
Pet Free Home
Lead Free Paint
PVC* Free Carpet
Asbestos Free Home
Pesticide Free Home
Fragrance Free Home
Pest Resistant Plants
No or Low VOC* Paints
No or Low VOC* Adhesives
PVC* Free Building Materials

Medical/Emergency Alarm System
Cellulose or Cotton Fiber Insulation
Whole House Air Purification System
Radon Free/Radon Ventilation System
Whole House Water Purification System
Central Vac system vented to the Exterior
Built in/Free Standing Exercise Equipment
Meditation Garden or Garden Area
Sauna/Steam Room or Yoga Studio
Walking Distance to Mass Transit
Walking Distance to Town/City
Walking Distance to Schools

Property or Community Features:

Golf Course 
Tennis Courts
Swimming Pool-
Indoor or Outdoor
Volleyball Court
Basketball Court -Indoor or Outdoor
Skiing Accessible
Racquet Ball Court-Indoor or Outdoor
Fitness/Exercise Center
Recreation/Activity Facility
Onsite Health Care Facility
Onsite Exercise or Dance Lessons
Exercise, Sauna/Steam Room or Massage Room
Walking Trails, Jogging Trails, Bike Trails, Nature Trails
Children Friendly with Activities
Senior Friendly with Activities

*Homes must contain a minimum of 5 items to be listed on Healty Living Homes. 


* VOCs(Volatile Organic Compounds) in your home: VOC pdf
* PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) in your life and home: PVC pdf


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